When a Business Goes Global: The New Era of Business

When a Business Goes Global: The New Era of Business

There’s no doubt that since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the way that we do business has changed significantly. But what are the changes you need to implement when a business goes global? We can safely say that we’re now in a new era of business that is fast-paced. It’s a forward-thinking world that is customer-centered. Plus, it is highly dependent on digital tools to make and leave a mark.

Of course, within this new era, the pros far outweigh the cons. In our Day BPO blog today, we’ll discuss how Business Process Outsourcing helps to play an integral role in your business as you expand to serve a global market.

Let’s begin our discussion by forming an understanding of what it truly means to take your business to a global level. 


When a Business Goes Global 

It’s only fair to assume that if you believe that it’s time to take your business globally, it means that you’ve experienced success within your local market. That said, a few factors need to be considered for your business to be successful on a global scale. These are they: 


Do Some Research 

When venturing into unknown territory, it’s always a good idea to do some research and get to know a little bit more about the markets you’re planning to do business in. Doing research also helps you to make better and clearer choices, which means you’ll be choosing the most viable markets to begin with, making it safer for you to take the risk and heightening your chances of guaranteed success.


Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding the culture of the regions you’re venturing into is absolutely important. Paying close attention to and becoming more sensitive to the culture gives you the leverage you need to create content that is ‘appropriate’ for your new environment. 

What might have worked for your business in its familiar territory may not work well in a brand new market, especially one that is international in nature. In order to engage and keep the attention of your target audience, you must understand how to go about doing so. Cultural sensitization helps in this regard. 


Speak the Local Language 

Language barriers are a major hindrance for businesses that take things to the global level. When there is a barrier to your communication, it impacts the overall success of the business. 

We can take, for example, the issue of providing content to your new audience. It would be wrong of you just to assume that they speak your language, understand your slang and jargon, and that what you say and how you say it is culturally appropriate. 

Taking the time out to learn the language of your target market propels you further along the ladder of success. You can also consider only venturing into English-speaking territories until you believe it’s safe enough to take advantage of opportunities outside of your language comfort zone.


Establish Great Business Relationships 

Relationships are the glue that holds businesses together. This isn’t only important for local businesses, it also applies to businesses on a global level. No form of technology, no matter how great it is, can replace face-to-face interactions’ tremendous and positive effects on the development and maintenance of any relationship. 

You can start by visiting the country or countries that you have chosen to do business in. By doing this, you grasp a hands-on idea of the type of people, whether it be stakeholders or otherwise, that you’ll be working with. 


Use Local  Currency 

We pointed out earlier that eCommerce has taken the world by storm (in a good way!), and with this in mind, venturing into a whole new market means that the currency is going to be different. 

In order to serve your market well, you cannot do business in your own currency. Gone are the days when it was a tumultuous task to make and receive payments on a global level. These days, there are tools and applications that are specifically created for this purpose; to ensure that all your international transactions are secure, convenient, and of course, affordable.


When a Business Goes Global, BPO Services Aid in the Expansion …

The Business Process Outsourcing sector has continued to grow in a significant way since it gained popularity around 2014. Since then, more and more companies have adopted BPO into their way of doing business and as a major part of their business models.

With this in mind and the significant changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought, the reality is that going global with your business, for many, is a step in the right direction.

There are many advantages to using BPO services. They are as follows:

It Assists with Establishing a Global Presence

Probably one of the greatest advantages when it comes to using BPO services is that it enables your business, in a significant way, to establish your global presence. And this is essential when a business goes global. 

Your presence is far-reaching because your BPO service provider is established across multiple time zones. The BPO is also deliberate in its efforts to provide a great customer experience no matter the region.


Reduced Costs

Another reason why BPOs have a competitive advantage and have businesses choosing them, again and again, is that their services attract a lower cost making them more cost-efficient.

For example, BPOs allow companies and organizations to forgo the need for extra office space. This saves you costs on real estate, and the need to accommodate a larger number of employees in-house. Essentially, it allows businesses to save on employee turn-over rates and continuous training costs.



The reality of functioning in a highly flexible work environment is a plus in anyone’s book. That said, when businesses use BPOs to carry out and focus on the functions that are considered less critical can make a world of difference.

BPOs give businesses the advantage of having much faster and more efficient responses to the changing dynamics within the global market and adapting to it. 


Increased Performance and Applicable Skill Sets

How your business performs on the global scene is absolutely important to its continuous success. Additionally, the quality of the work produced by BPOs on your behalf is more specialized. This makes it better for your consumers overall.

The skill sets you’ll come across when engaging BPOs for the succession of your business bring diversity in a good way. When you expand your business into a global market, the possibility of finding highly skilled individuals who specialize in their area of expertise increases significantly.


How can Day BPO Help When a Business Goes Global?  

At Day BPO, our main goal is to provide BPO services to you in every language. Languages run the world. In order for you to take your business global in this new era, you need linguistics. Speaking your target market’s language is a key factor.

We have a global team of highly trained professionals in the areas of expertise you require. Our aim is to provide a cross-cultural approach to the growth of your business. And, of course, the size of your business doesn’t matter.


Our Day BPO services include:

Customer Service 

Our focus is to give every client a delightful and meaningful experience. Having clients return again and again is a true marker for success. This is why providing multilingual customer service is as important to us as it is to you.


Technical Support

Technology support is all about making solutions to your customer’s problems easy and effective. The Day BPO tech support team is completely dedicated to their area of specialization. This is why customer satisfaction at every step of the way is an absolute guarantee.  


Lead Generation 

If you’re looking for a team focused on sales, marketing, and turning prospective clients into leads, then our multilingual team specializing in lead generation is right for you.

We have an experienced and highly educated team of digital marketers and linguists. They are all just waiting to help you implement guided strategies that will help your customers at every step.


Final Thoughts 

Without a doubt, BPOs and the innovative solutions they bring to businesses are here to stay. Gone are the days when a company has to figure everything out on its own and do everything in-house. The optimal and specialized solutions that BPOs provide all comes down to choosing the right company to get the job done. 

Take your business global in this new era with Day BPO. Our highly qualified multilingual team is dedicated to providing excellent front-office and back-office solutions.  And of course, remember that no matter the region, no matter the language, the Day BPO team has got you covered. Visit our website and get in touch with us today. There’s a solution here waiting for you.