Omnichannel BPO Services

Omnichannel BPO Services

Imagine a world without 24/7, 265 customer service. A world where round-the-clock IT support and an effective way of managing global supply chains didn’t exist. A time and place where access to international talent and multilingual skills were not part of the business ecosystem…Without omnichannel BPO services, that’s precisely where the business world would be.

But thankfully, that’s not our reality. In fact, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are bombing worldwide. Technology is evolving at a breakneck speed. Collaboration and cross-cultural teams at opposite ends of the world are the key drivers of brand success!


What Exactly is Omnichannel BPO  Services?

BPO refers to the process of hiring third-party providers to perform specific business activities. These services can include anything from payroll to HR, customer relations, and call centers.

In short, BPO refers to outsourcing a complete business function (for example, every aspect of lead generation) instead of just small, one-off jobs like recruiting a VA from South Africa.

Often divided into two main types of services, BPO can be rendered for back and front-office applications. Internal business processes like purchasing fall under back-office services, while front-office services include marketing and technical support.

El BPO también puede entrar en una de estas tres categorías, y dependiendo de dónde se encuentre el proveedor, el proceso puede ser offshore, nearshore u onshore.

Offshore vendors are located outside of the organization’s home country. An excellent example of offshore vendor is a Spanish company using an offshore BPO vendor in South Africa.

Nearshore refers to BPO vendors that are in the contracting company’s neighboring country. For example, a BPO in the United States is a nearshore option in Canada.

Los proveedores de BPO onshore están en el mismo país que la empresa contratante, aunque pueden estar en otra zona geográfica. Un contratista en Seattle (EE.UU.) podría utilizar un proveedor onshore situado en Texas.


Benefits of Omnichannel BPO Services

BPO helps businesses reduce their workload and focus on the fundamental aspects of their brand. Aside from assisting organizations to focus on growth, there are many other advantages that BPO brings to the proverbial table. Some of them are listed below:

Reduced Operating Costs

Outsourcing reduces in-house employees’ costs, specifically recruitment and training costs. Organizations that use BPO vendors in developing countries also leverage labor markets at reduced costs, which adds to the cost-saving factor.


Specialization in Non-Core Functionalities

BPO vendors are specialists in non-core functions, and companies that invest in them also gain access to the latest technological innovations in specific fields. For example, a video game developing company might not want to invest in the latest payroll software, but a BPO specializing in payroll service will most likely make the investment to benefit its efficiency and that of its clients.


Global Expansion & Enhanced Customer Experience

Language barriers can be crippling for brands looking to enter the global market space. BPO can help brands find local partners with native talent to easily overcome cultural and linguistic differences between businesses from different countries. Some outsourcing companies can service customers in many languages 365 days a year, relieving the contracting company of those responsibilities. Companies that outsource can strengthen their presence in multiple countries without risking having local divisions going redundant. Because BPOs can help brands improve their efficacy and efficiency, it can lead to higher overall customer experiences and service.


Mejora la flexibilidad

Businesses that outsource services are often better equipped to react to risks involved with launching new products and services. By outsourcing, the business can also realign its internal resources to ensure core business functions are placed on the top tier of the priority list. Since the contracting company turns to specialists for certain services, they’ll save time, improve accuracy, and increase their capacity simultaneously.


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