Digital Entrepreneurship 101: What You Need to Know

Digital Entrepreneurship 101: What You Need to Know

By now, you might realize that with the emergence of the 21st century, the discipline of entrepreneurship also put in a re-emerging appearance. As a result of this re-emergence, entrepreneurship evolved into something that is rightfully fitting for the era we’re now a part of. This evolution is Digital Entrepreneurship.

That said, our DayBPO blog is going to be taking a look at what Digital Entrepreneurship is and how it can work for you.

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What Is Digital Entrepreneurship?

Once you hear the term entrepreneurship, automatically you think of self-employment and some kind of independence that it comes with. It’s outside of the normal 9-5 job that many people have and is usually pursued as a way to become financially free.

This definition and understanding of entrepreneurship is all good and well, but digital entrepreneurship takes things up a notch, so let’s define it.

Digital Entrepreneurship is a business that is run on the internet. All things that have to do with the business are digital, meaning there’s no need for a physical space or location.

Digital Entrepreneurship is way more advantageous than traditional entrepreneurship, and we’ll look at some of these advantages a little later on. In the meantime, let’s explore how digital entrepreneurship actually works.


How Do You ‘Break into The Market’?

The obvious first step that’s needed is ensuring that you have access to the internet and a functioning digital tool to get the job done. This can be any one or a combination of the following: a mobile(smart) phone, a tablet, a desktop computer, or a laptop.

Next, you’ll have to decide what you want to offer as a digital entrepreneur. Are you great at providing a particular product or service? What about a mixture of both? As long as you identify a skill, product, or service you believe people will buy into that can be sold digitally or by way of a digital platform, you’re already on the right track to becoming a digital entrepreneur.

You’ll be relieved to know that being a digital entrepreneur does not require you to have any experience. As long as you’re dedicated to the task of providing value through the information and products you provide, your consumer is bound to find and make purchases from you.


The Advantages of Digital Entrepreneurship

There are some significant advantages to being a digital entrepreneur, and some of these reasons are as follows:

Wider Reach

The internet has over 4 billion users daily. If there isn’t another reason why digital entrepreneurship is advantageous, this should be reason enough. As long as you have internet access and a working device, you can reach millions of people right around the world at any time.


A business that is scalable means that you’re able to do much more without needing to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Having an online business gives you the leverage to do so.

Work Anywhere, Any Time

Digital entrepreneurship allows your life to be more flexible. As a digital entrepreneur, you can create a schedule that suits you best. If you’re traveling, work doesn’t have to stop because you’re in the sky or on the road.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that you get out what you put in. So don’t forget to give your digital business all you’ve got.



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