Building Your Brand With BPO Services

Building Your Brand with BPO Services

Thinking about outsourcing your front or back office functions to a BPO? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider how well your BPO of choice is going to represent your brand.

With this in mind, our Day BPO blog thought you might benefit from knowing a little bit more about how BPO services can help you to build your brand.

Keep reading to find out more.


A few things to consider when using BPO to help build your brand 

Your brand is your voice, and with this in mind, it is this voice that makes or breaks your business. This brings us to one of the first things you should consider when using  BPO to help build your brand.


Is your brand voice properly represented?

As a business, you know exactly who you are and what you represent.  The way you communicate with your audience helps to make your brand’s voice be heard.

Your brand voice gives you the opportunity to showcase the personality and emotions that make your company what it is. Your brand’s voice is part of your company’s identity. Of course, your brand identity encompasses so much more, but your brand voice is a good place to start especially where front-office functions are concerned.

Your brand also has a tone. Tone in this case has everything to do with the emotional inflection that is applied to your brand’s voice.

Ensure that your outsourcers have a clear understanding of both the voice and tone of your brand so that they can convey this easily and effectively with your customers.


How are the BPO’s engaging your customers? 

Customer engagement plays a key role in the operations of any business. Repeat customers/clients are who make the business. It’s going to be the BPO’s duty (especially for front-office operations) to ensure that your customers are properly engaged and happy. By doing this, you eventually get loyal customers who more often than not become evangelists for your brand spreading the good news everywhere they go.

Ensure that your outsourcing company of choice understands the ‘how’ when engaging your customers, that way they’re also in line to become well aware of your company’s ‘why’ and carry out their duties accordingly.


Your company’s brand culture, does it show through the outsourcers on front-office operations?

Brand culture, more commonly known as company culture is a set of shared values, attitudes, practices and goals that are knit into any business. Of course, the brand culture of your business is completely up to you and those who are part of it.

That said, your outsourcers should have an understanding of your brand culture and act accordingly when fulfilling its functions on your behalf. By doing this, your BPO of choice will know what is expected of them and act accordingly.


Does your BPO provider understand your brand identity?

When everyone understands the business’ brand identity, all other things fall into place in a more seamless manner. This is one of the reasons why brand identification is important.

Your brand identity helps to give consumers reason to choose you because they identify with what your brand and company represents. Your brand identity sets the standard at which you operate which means that all players have to have to be on board.

Here are a few elements that contribute to your brand identity and what your outsourcer needs to understand as they represent you.

  • Perception
  • Customer experience
  • Value
  • Prestige
  • Desirability


Tips for ensuring your BPO of choice helps to build your brand  

Below are just a few characteristics of your company’s culture that you should look for when choosing the right BPO to help build your brand.


  • They should have brand loyalty – Similar to having the loyalty of your consumers, it’s also a great idea to foster loyalty to your brand from your outsourcers.
  • Educate them on your company and its culture – The onboarding process between you and your outsourcer is important. This is the key to exposing them to your company’s culture. You can offer training sessions, provide training materials such as manuals and videos. You would treat them as if they were your very own employees.
  • Throw in some perks – Why not? If your outsourcer goes through the onboarding process and begins to adapt the company’s culture in order to serve your consumers better, the least you can do is throw in some perks.


Of course, these perks don’t have to be anything exorbitant. You can consider giving your outsourcers branded materials from time to time, especially when you have new designs. These perks don’t have to be tangible all the time either, giving things such as free gym membership or even employee discounts can also get the job done.

  • Keep in close contact -In business, the key to making everything work is always communication. That said, always keep close to your outsourcers, pay them a visit every now and then. Let them associate a face with the brand. You can do this by engaging your in-house employees as ‘brand ambassadors’ to your outsourcers.
  • Implement surveys -Put procedures in place that allow you to constantly hear from your customers. By doing this, you’re able to have an idea of what they’re thinking so that you can develop and or improve on products or services to make your brand stand out even more.


Wrapping it up

The BPO sector has come a long way since it has gained popularity. That said, we were glad to enlighten you if you didn’t know that BPO’s can indeed help to build your brand.

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