Lead Generation: All You Need to Know

Lead Generation: All You Need to Know

Every business, whether service or product-based, needs leads. If there are no leads, sales will fall, and there’s no need to ask what comes after that. That’s why you and everyone within your company need to understand Lead Generation, how it works and how Day BPO can help.

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What is a Lead?

One of the very first things you’re bound to ask is what’s a lead. No worries, we’ve got you. Here’s an easy definition that sums it up: Anyone with a potential interest in your product and, or service is a lead. Therefore a lead can be an individual seeking the best product that matches his or her wants and needs, or it can be an organization seeking a service that best suits its operations.

Now, there are two types of leads, namely warm leads and cold leads. Here are their differences:

  • A warm lead, also known as an acquired lead, is someone who shows interest in your company without you having to do much. They become interested on their own. 
  • A cold lead, on the other hand, is also known as a sourced lead. This type of lead has absolutely no prior knowledge of your products or service and is introduced to it deliberately by a member of your team through different types of outreach methods.


What is Lead Generation?

The next step for us to take now is to put our understanding of leads and apply it to understanding lead generation. Lead Generation is, therefore, the process of bringing about the interest of consumers to your business with an intention of turning their interest into a sale. 

There are quite a few ways to generate leads, which include blog posts (like this one), online content, live events, giveaways, and so many others. There are always teams and individuals working on new and creative ways to make it happen when it comes to lead generation. The whole point is to develop strategies that ‘warm up’ consumers to take an interest in your company or brand so that you can take it from there. We can call this Lead Generation Marketing.


The Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process has 4 stages. They are as follows:


  • The Attract Stage 

This is the first stage in the lead generation process, and it involves having a visitor to your website, social media page, or blog discover all you have to offer. Your use of keywords throughout your content also does the trick in the attract stage.


  • The Convert Stage 

In this stage of the lead generation process, the visitor is led to click on your CTA, more popularly known as your ‘call to action’. Your CTA can be in the form of a message encouraging them to take an action like subscribing to a newsletter or an image or button. 


  • The Close Stage 

At this stage of the process, your visitor is now officially on their way to becoming a lead. The call to action that your visitor click on takes them to a landing page that is designed specifically to capture their information, usually in exchange for a special offer.


  • The Delight Stage 

Your visitor is now on your landing page filling out a form to exchange their contact information in exchange for an offer they believe is worth their information. Once this is done, your visitor is now an official lead.


What are Some Lead Generation Strategies?

Earlier in this post, we mentioned lead generation marketing. It’s time for us to look at some of these marketing strategies you can use in your business to generate leads.


Content Marketing – Video 

More than 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Video is probably the most powerful marketing tool. You can use it in social media live streams, webinars, vlogs, demos, and so much more. 

As a lead generation strategy, video content is much preferred over reading. This means that the engagement numbers would also be higher. You’re more likely to convert your leads through video because it helps you to build your lead’s trust while establishing yourself as an authority within your space while you’re at it.


Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has taken off and has given both the influencers and the businesses they partner with tremendous success. That said, influencer marketing is a great lead generation marketing strategy. Why? Because the chosen influencer’s pull on potential leads for your business should be high. Albeit it’s required that you both share the same interests and values.

The key to influencer marketing success is having the influencer not only talk about your brand and give great reviews but for them to also link back to your business website. Of course, showcasing the influencer speaking about your products and services on your website and other digital channels is your way of showing appreciation for them and endorsing their message.


Social Media Ad Marketing

The average person spends a little over 2 hours a day on social media. Scrolling through social media increases on a daily basis. And where better to generate leads than going where the masses are? 

Within the last 12 months alone, 424 million people join one or more social media platforms. This brings the count to almost 4.62 billion active social media users worldwide. With this in mind, you would have probably figured out by now that social media advertising is a must. Your ads on these platforms are easily customizable and will reach millions of people in no time.


Day BPO Provides Lead Generation Services

As a multilingual BPO Service provider, Day BPO prides itself in providing lead generation services. We offer nothing less than turnkey marketing, sales, and post-service customer support solutions. 

Our team of experienced linguists and digital marketers are trained to develop and deliver nothing but intelligent strategies geared towards guiding customers through every step of the buyer’s journey successfully.

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