Keep Your Team Motivated with These Five Hacks

Keep Your Team Motivated with These Five Hacks

Actions to keep your team motivated help keep a team intact and performing at its optimal level. The evidence shows numerous ways where there is a lack of motivation among team members. Of course, the most telling way is how well the team performs over time. 

Today’s Day BPO post explores a few ways to keep your team motivated. Before we get to that point, however, we’ll look at what motivation is and the different types of motivation.

Let’s get right into it!


What Does It Mean to Keep Your Team Motivated?

We can define team motivation as the process of persuading employees or members of a team to give their best efforts towards the professional responsibilities they’ve been tasked with. Of course, different people are motivated in different ways, and it’s usually up to team leaders and managers to come up with creative and sustainable methods to keep their teams engaged and motivated.

With this in mind, we’re now going to take a look at the different types of motivation and what they entail.


What are the Different Types of Motivation?

In general, there are two main types of motivation that exist. They are:


Intrinsic Motivation 

Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It has everything to do with what someone wants for themselves on a personal level to overcome their challenges and move toward what they consider to be a success. 

An intrinsically motivated person enjoys what they do and is willing to put in the effort always to produce high-quality work. Of course, everyone is different when it comes to what gets and keeps them motivated.


Extrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation comes about as a result of external factors. Within the context of a team or group of employees, extrinsic motivators can come in the form of pay raises, bonuses, paid time off, and so many other creative incentives. 

When it comes to extrinsic motivation, to put it simply, this type of motivation is dependent on external rewards and recognition.


The Characteristics of a Highly Motivated Team Member

Although we can’t directly control what anyone is interested in or how much or how little they like their job, there are steps that can be taken to encourage positive motivation within them. This can happen through the state of their environs and channel through the individual, the team, and the entire organization.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few characteristics of a highly motivated team member:

  • Optimism 
  • Purpose-driven 
  • A high level of self-esteem 
  • Persistence 
  • They have the right perspective 


Five Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated


#1 – Create and Maintain a High Level of Satisfaction

If team members are dissatisfied with their jobs in any way, it can dampen their motivation. Some examples of what causes team members and employees to be dissatisfied include company policies that are irrational, a feeling of insecurity where their job is concerned, and even having intrusive supervision or management can cause dissatisfaction on the job.

As long as elements of job dissatisfaction are removed and replaced with elements of job satisfaction, then motivation won’t be far behind.


#2 – Implement Transformational Leadership Strategies

Motivating your team and practicing great leadership go hand in hand. Transformational leadership is a great form of leadership that helps get and keep your team motivated. 

When team members have a transformational leader in charge, they are constantly fed with good reasons to trust and be loyal to their jobs and the wider company. 

A transformational leader has a vision that attracts those he or she is in charge of. They’re always seeking to inspire and encourage those around them to buy into this vision, all while building solid relationships with members of the team. 

Of course, every leader has their own style of leadership, but the way they go about it should be impactful and foster team motivation.


#3 – Provide Opportunities for Growth and Skills Development

As long as someone is part of a team, they’re going to want to feel that they’re a valuable member. Team members feel valued when they are given the opportunity to upskill and grow within the company. This can look like further training, being enrolled to do certificate courses, and being mentored by a senior member of the team.

Of course, when members of a team know that opportunities exist for upward mobility, they’re motivated to keep working to reach that goal.


#4 – Eliminate Micromanagement 

Members of any team need space to thrive. If micromanagement exists within their work environment, the team’s creativity can be quickly stifled. 

When teams are given autonomy and the space and the opportunity to be creative, they become more inspired and also able to contribute in a valuable and meaningful way. 

There are ways to eliminate the sting of micromanagement within a team’s work environment, this includes reducing the number of ‘check-ins’ required along with having fewer and shorter meetings. 


#5 – Communication is Key 

Even though this is our last point, it doesn’t mean that it is the least important. Communication is one of the strongest pillars of a highly motivated team. 

But communication is a two-way street as long as you want it to be effective and have a constant flow. Communication is also key when it comes to goal setting, both personal and professional. This, too, is one of the key elements in keeping your team motivated. When everyone has a goal in mind, it creates something they have to work towards, which in turn becomes motivation. 


Final Thoughts

Motivating your team and keeping them motivated is essential to any work environment. It is a constant effort to prioritize. A  motivated team sets the pace for so many other good things to take place within the team. This also applies within the company, and externally to the organization. 

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