Internal Customer Service and Why it Matters in Your Business

Internal Customer Service and Why it Matters in Your Business

Customer Service makes the world go round. But what’s even more critical is how customer service works internally. Internal Customer Service isn’t something that we hear about a lot these days, but it’s crucial, especially for businesses, if they want to do well and connect with their external customers.

Today, our DayBPO blog takes a look at how you can improve your business’ internal customer service so that you and your employees can have the benefit of a good working relationship.

Let’s dive in!


Internal Customer Service – What Is It?

When it comes to helping an employee be his or her best self, the go-to place to begin is with your organization’s internal customer service.

Internal Customer Service is the service the organization and everyone within it provides to each other. Internal customer service gives everyone the opportunity to learn and accomplish not only the goals of the organization but also goals for their personal well-being.

Through internal customer service, employees get the opportunity to serve external customers while promoting the best interests of their company or organization as well.

Of course, within the context of internal customer service, there are best practices that everyone needs to know about. We’re going to take a look at some of them in our next section.


Best Practices for Internal Customer Service

Cultivating good internal customer service is an asset to your business for the long term. With this in mind, here are some best practices that your business and everyone in it can take advantage of to make everything run smoothly.


The Company/ Organization Exists Because of Everyone in it

Teamwork makes the dream work, and with this in mind, service above everything else should be paramount. When employees are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to each other, something magical happens.

As everyone works together, they also empower one another. Respect becomes second nature.


Kindness and Respect Go a Long Way

Even though informality is allowed among employees when it comes to communication, it still doesn’t negate the fact that everyone should be kind to each other. In addition to this, bullying of any kind should be zero tolerance no matter the rank or post that persons hold within the orientation.


Active Listening and Paying Attention are Key in Internal Customer Service

Similar to external CS where we strive to under promise and over deliver, the same attitude can be applied when it comes to coworkers within their work environment. Thoughtfulness and meeting each other’s needs as best as possible go a long way in the workspace.


Service is a Two-Way Street

As internal customers, you serve each other. Unlike external service that is one-sided, employees work together and make processes flow and the business works how it’s supposed to. With this in mind, you’ll find that productivity increases when everyone works together and a culture of service is maintained.


Good Work Always Reaps Great Rewards

When employees do praiseworthy work, it’s always delightful when they get rewarded for it. They become more motivated to continue doing what they’re doing and also seek to do better. Rewarding and recognizing employees who have also gone above and beyond the call of duty also motivates others to do the same.

Motivated employees in turn make even greater contributions to the growth of the company or organization. When employees are motivated, it means they are satisfied and when your internal customers are satisfied, your external customers are satisfied as well.


Communication is the Key to Internal Customer Service

The flow of communication within your business helps make processes run smoothly. Overall communication affects the engagement level of every employee; in fact, communication and employee engagement go hand in hand.

Actively and continuously listening to and addressing the concerns of employees also makes a difference in internal CS. When communicating with employees, labeling them as internal customers also helps with self-identification on an organizational level. When everyone knows they are internal customers, it’s easier for CS to function well. Therefore everyone within the organization/business is an internal provider of service or services.


Wrapping Up

By now, you’ll realize exactly how important internal CS is. You also understand how creating a culture around the existence of internal service within your business helps it to grow and attract more external customers.

Taking care of things internally shines through and makes everything that is external even that much better. Of course, at DayBPO we’re strong believers in practicing and maintaining excellent internal customer service.