How Outsourcing BPO Services Can Help Your Business Grow

How Outsourcing BPO Services Can Help Your Business Grow

The whole point of having a business is to solve a problem, help others and of course make a profit. After a few years of doing business, naturally, your business grows, and with this growth comes a whole new trajectory.

As your business grows, changes come; such as the need for increasing staff teams as well as the reality of needing a higher work output. Needless to say, this means that a bigger budget may also come into play.

There’s no need to worry however because gone are the days when you have to figure it all out on your own and get the work done in-house. In this new day and age.  There are companies out there that allow you to outsource many of your day-to-day tasks through them at an extremely cost-effective price.

These companies are known as BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing and taking advantage of their services can indeed help your business to continue on its path to even greater growth.

That said, our Day BPO blog is here to make you more aware of how outsourcing our BPO services can help your business grow.

Let’s get down to business.


So what is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing, more popularly known as BPO is the process where a company contracts its non-core functions into the hands of an external/ third-party service provider.

We can safely say that BPO is the way of the future for businesses as long as they want to get ahead and shift their focus from processes that are non-essential and place it on processes that really matter. Business Process Outsourcing offers both back-office and front-office functions.

Front-office BPO functions mean your company outsources customer-facing services from your BPO of choice. Back-office tasks are the opposite, which means that a company outsources non-customer-facing roles also known as administrative tasks to BPOs.

Here are the front-office and back-office functions that BPOs help with:


Front-office functions

  • Customer Care
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Public Relations and Scheduling
  • Inbound and Outbound calls a.k.a Contact Center Services
  • IT enabled services e.g. Tech Support, Help Desk, Service Desk Support


Back-office functions

  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Data Management Services
  • HR and IT functions
  • Content Management and Content Creation
  • Administration
  • Claims Processing
  • Quality Assurance and Reporting
  • Software and Web development/testing


How can BPO help my Business grow?

Now that we have a better understanding of what BPO is and some of the functions that it performs on behalf of companies and businesses, it is not time to take a closer look at how Business Process Outsourcing can help your business to grow.


  • BPOs give you the opportunity to focus on more pressing matters

Freeing yourself from the everyday repetitive and sometimes tedious tasks allows you to focus on more important and pressing matters. By outsourcing both front-office and back-office tasks to BPOs, you’re left with the opportunity to re-allocate your resources for expansion as well as for more focussed, data-driven strategies.


  • The productivity of your company increases

If you keep working ‘in your business’ as opposed to working ‘on your business’, eventually you’ll find yourself in a loop-hole continually working on non-core tasks unable to get out of it.

Contracting BPOs allow more focused, deliberate, and higher expertise that focus on all the necessary tasks needed to make your business work from the inside. After taking care of all the non-core internal functions, you’re now able to work on the more crucial tasks that help to run the business better.


  • You’re guaranteed to have experts working on your behalf

One of the major benefits of Business Process Outsourcing is the fact that you’re guaranteed to have professionals who are experts in their fields working on your behalf.

That said, you no longer need to spend your (limited) resources looking for and hiring talent and then turning around to train them after they’re hired. Instead, you’re given the freedom to reallocate your resources to where they are truly needed, especially due to the fact that outsourcing BPOs have proven to be more cost-effective than handling these tasks in-house.


  • BPOs can help you create a growth plan 

More than likely, your business has a growth plan. Incorporating BPO into your business allows you to zoom in and have a more strategic growth plan that is specific to the processes you’re outsourcing.

A growth plan with BPO includes:

  • Analysis – Through Analysis you prioritize all the functions that facilitate growth
  • Evaluation – Evaluating your in-house team helps you to better know which processes to outsource
  • Revision – A revision helps you to choose the best BPO for the growth your business requires.


Let Day BPO help you get the job done 

At Day BPO our number one priority is to help your business grow. Take advantage of our great service offerings to include:

  • Finances
  • Customer Care
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Payment Services

Let us solve and operate your non-core functions, while you focus on the more pressing tasks for your business. The best part of it all is that Day BPO is an omnichannel company that specializes in multilingual business process outsourcing for businesses of all sizes.


Here are some of the reasons why we believe that outsourcing to BPOs will help your business grow:

  • Outsourcing helps to reduce and even control the costs of your business
  • It allows you to pay more attention to your business’s core functions
  •  Outsourcing helps a great deal with solving capacity issues within your business
  • Your front-office and back-office services improve significantly when they are outsourced


Let’s wrap up 

Day BPO is happy to help you and your business grow through our Business Process Outsourcing services. By now you would also realize that language isn’t a barrier for us when providing our BPO services, so don’t hesitate to let us help you solve all your business needs. We’re available 24/7 to assist you in every single language. Visit our website today to get started.