Customer Acquisition: 6 Great Strategies to Consider

Customer Acquisition: 6 Great Strategies to Consider

Without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist. Every great and thriving business, no matter how large or small, has loyal customers who continue to spread the good news. With this in mind, a good question to get answers to is how they acquire their customers in the first place. 

This is where Day BPO’s blog comes in.

In this post, we’ll help you to develop an understanding of customer acquisition and share some great strategies to get you started. Let’s get right into it!


Customer Acquisition – The Basics

In simple terms, Customer Acquisition is a combination of all the efforts a business puts into gaining new customers. With the right customer acquisition strategies in place, any business can win customers, gain and maintain their loyalty and, of course, increase its revenue. 

When conversations about customer acquisition take place, it is often confused with lead generation. It’s important to note that lead generation is an aspect of the customer acquisition process. 


#1 – Know Who Your Ideal Customers Are 

For any customer acquisition strategy to work, you must first know who your customers are. That said, developing an understanding of your customer base will help you to know how to go about gaining customers. 

Whatever your products or services are, they are ideal for someone and solve a problem they’re having and meet their needs. If you don’t think you have a target audience, then maybe it’s best to do some observations on your current customers and go from there. You can also consider doing market research to get a clearer understanding.


#2 – Define Your Business Goals 

Now that you know who your ideal customer is, the next step is to put plans in place to guide your efforts to acquire new ones. When you define what your business goals are and make plans to accomplish them, you’re also aiming to increase the revenue for your business.

Based on your chosen strategies, the goals you set shouldn’t be hard to determine whether or not they’ve been met. As long as you continue to analyze the data you’re receiving and pay attention to trends and make changes where necessary, you should be on track.


#3 – Choose Your Acquisition Channels Thoughtfully 

The channels you choose to exercise your customer acquisition strategies make all the difference. When we talk about channels, we simply mean the platforms that are best for reaching and engaging with your customers and potential customers. 

These days it’s easy to reach and engage with both your current and potential customers through various social media platforms.  In addition to this, using websites, print media, and other forms of traditional media works well too. 

If you take age range and other demographics into consideration, you’ll also get clarity on which channels work best for acquiring your target audience.


#4 – Create Content – Content is KING

We’re sure you’ve heard it more than once that content is king. Without content, social media wouldn’t be what it is today. Websites wouldn’t exist and of course, consumers wouldn’t have anything available to gain knowledge about your offerings. 

This is why your content is the most effective component of the customer acquisition process. Your content helps you to establish yourself and even find your niche within your industry. 

It’s no secret that when you have great and engaging content, it drives up the customer acquisition results. And, there’s no need to worry about running out of content. You can always repurpose your content and use them in different ways. 

Of course, the gold standard for content is social proof. When you get your customers talking and sharing about your company, the service they receive as well as your products and services, it creates trust in your brand and what you have to offer. It demonstrates that you deliver on your promise, which then encourages potential customers to make the decision to become paying customers.


#5 – Engage with Your Audience 

Just in case you thought that Email Marketing was dead, we have some news for you, it’s not. Email marketing is a great tactic to use when you want your target audience always to keep you in mind. 

You can start out by sending emails that are specially customized for your customers depending on the stage they’re at in the customer acquisition process. So some of your content may be suited for someone who is just learning about you, while another aspect of your content is suitable for a repeat customer who may be interested in repurchasing or trying something new.  

You can also create and leverage your video content. Possibly one of the most effective forms of content that convert time and time again is video. The majority of your consumers may be visual learners, which means that video is the best form of content to have. The trick comes in creating content that isn’t only informative but also engaging and fun.

Your video content can be placed on social media, through your email marketing efforts, on your website, and if you have a YouTube channel, then it can definitely be shared there as well.


#6 – Keep Track of Your Customer Acquisition Strategies and Make Improvements Where Necessary

We do better in our business and everyday lives by improving on what we did in the past. We learn from our mistakes and make efforts to do better. Have you tried customer acquisition strategies such as Giveaways or referral programs without success? Then the only thing you’re left to do is try something else and see what works and what doesn’t.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is also a great strategy for improving your visibility. It’ll help you show up to both your current and potential customers when you need it to. 


That’s a Wrap!

Now that you’re more aware of what Customer Acquisition is and some strategies that you can use to acquire new customers, it’s now time to get going. 

Of course, Day BPO is here to help with all your customer acquisition needs. Our team of professionals is here to serve you and your customers. And the best part is that language isn’t a barrier. Let’s get started today.