Choosing a Marketing Translation Partner: Practical Tips

Choosing a Marketing Translation Partner: Practical Tips

As a global brand, localizing your marketing offers is essential to effectively break into new markets and resonate with a new target audience. One of the first steps in effectively communicating with your new audience is accurately translating your marketing materials.

But translating and localizing your marketing materials can be a massive task. However, you can overcome language and cultural barriers by partnering with a professional marketing translation partner.


What is Marketing Translation?

Marketing translation is the process of adapting your marketing materials into various languages. Although marketing materials come in different forms, the aim of translating these materials is to solidify the brand message and voice and ensures brand identity stays intact when translating your content from one language to another.

Since culture is deeply ingrained in language, translating content to suit different cultures requires nuanced adjustments. Your content must be adjusted according to the local preferences of your audience.


Understanding the Importance of Finding the Right Marketing Translation Partner

Most of us understand that the key to effective marketing is connecting with customers on an emotional level. But since you’re targeting audiences from various cultural backgrounds, you must deploy a strategic approach.

A marketing translation service provider can assist you with translating your existing content and tailoring it so it resonates better with your audience. According to Nelson Mandela, talking to a man in a language he understands ensures he hears what you say. But when you speak to him in his native language, he understands and takes to heart what you say.

Apart from translation and localization services, a marketing translation firm can also provide you with the following:

  • Subject matter expertise.
  • SEO optimization for different regions.
  • Reducing the overhead costs of support services.


How to Choose the Best Marketing Translation Partner

Here’s a quick look at the basic steps to ensuring you’re investing in the most beneficial partnership with a marketing translation agency:

1 – Establish Your Translation Needs

You need to be clear on how much translation assistance you’ll need. How many marketing campaigns are you planning, and in how many countries do you want to launch? Will the translation process be straightforward, or will your language service provider need to localize your translations? If your brand is very international, diverse, and creative, you’ll need full-stack support from a professional translation company that has a network of global translators.

2 – Consider Track Records of the Translation Agency

There are thousands of marketing translation agencies out there, many of them offering a plethora of services in various niches. The best partner will be the one that caters to your specific niche. You can’t use medical marketing translation companies if your core focus falls on real estate. It’s important to ask the agency for testimonials from their past clients, examples of their work, and to enquire about the kind of tools (i.e., CAT) they use for their translation projects.

3 – Test the Waters with a Translation Company

Ask the agency to provide you with a sample. In most cases, they should offer you a free sample translation consisting of two or three short texts between 200 and 300 words. Once they have delivered the samples, you can evaluate the outcome and compare samples if you’re unsure about which translation agency best suits your needs.

4- Quality Comparison of Translation Services

Although it’s important to get samples and compare the pricing of various translation providers before choosing your marketing translation provider, the most crucial focus is the quality of the translation. Translation errors can cause extra work and costs, especially if you launch a poorly translated marketing campaign in a new territory.


Need Assistance with Marketing Translation?

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